Monday, December 07, 2009

Oxon XC Round 2 - Culham

Much better weather than for Round 1 so we were able to leave the tent at home! Despite heavy overnight showers the morning of the race itself was bright and sunny, although there was a bit too much wind (and mud) for ideal running conditions.

So much mud

[Mud, glorious mud!]

The course had been tamed a bit compared to previous years so there were only 4 hills for the women and 6 for the men and although the heavy ground made for heavy going everyone enojoyed the race.

Women's race

60 Liz Thompson OUP S 35.48
69 Lizzie Schechter OUP 36.22 (tbc*)

I'll post the women's team standing once Lizzie's 69th place has been confirmed.

Liz lap 1

Lizzie lap 1

Liz lap 2

[Whilst a sprint finish is obviously a good thing it does make it hard to get a decent photo!]

Lizzie lap 2

Men's race

63 Ben Weller OUP S 39.02
153 James Gray OUP S 45.51
196 Matthew Spooner OUP S 51.15

Division 3

14 Oxf Univ Press 1300 | 63 153 196 222 222 222 222

Matthew on lap 2

James on lap 2

Ben on lap 2

Full results are online here.

Muddy spikes

James, Liz, Matthew, Ben, and Lizzie

[See, we're all still smiling. It must have been fun!]

A big thank you to everyone who turned out to run and to John for driving and taking the photos!

* due to a slight kerfuffle over numbers.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Oxon XC Round 1 - Ascott-under-Wychwood

On Sunday the club turned out for round one of the Oxford Mail cross-country league at Ascott-under-Wychwood. Liz, Lizzie, Ben, Matthew, and John all took part despite gale force winds and driving rain as we arrived at the course.


The Oxford University Press tent was an early casualty - it threatened to take off during the women's race and the guys had to weight it down with stones. Luckily the weather calmed down a bit after that and the rest of us made it through the day unscathed.

Women's race

60 Lizzie Schechter OUP S 32.37
103 Liz Thompson OUP S 36.17

Division 2

29 Oxf Univ Press 317 | 60 103 154

Men's race

76 Ben Weller OUP S 37.27
247 Matthew Spooner OUP S 52.30
263 John Spooner OUP V3 64.21

Division 3

22 Oxf Univ Press 1642 | 76 247 263 264 264 264 264

Full results are online here.

Matthew makes it up the killer hill for the second time


John going through the water


Ben going strongly up the hill


Round 2 is at Culham on Sunday 6th December. It's the insane motocross track so remember to bring your spikes!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Running club barbeque and race

This year's annual barbeque and memorial race will take place on Tuesday 18th August.

Meet as usual at the club at 6pm for two laps of the Peace Mile in teams followed by barbeque back at Jordan Hill.

Silverstone 2009 - photos

The start

Silverstone 10k 2009

John at the start

Silverstone 10k 2009

Laura at halfway

Silverstone 10k 2009

Liz at halfway

Silverstone 10k 2009

John at halfway

Silverstone 10k 2009

Laura at the finish

Silverstone 10k 2009

Liz at the finish

Silverstone 10k 2009

John at the finish

Silverstone 10k 2009

Andy, Liz, John, Laura, and Eddie

Silverstone 10k 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Manchester Run 2009

Liz took part in the Great Manchester Run 2009 10k race on behalf of Mind. She ran a personal best of 50:43.34.

Liz - Great Manchester Run 2009

The race was fantastically well organized and Liz had a great day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Silverstone 10k results

Laura, Liz and John took part in the Silverstone 10k race yesterday evening. Despite the windy conditions Laura posted an excellent time of 50:07. John and Liz ran 61:05 and 52:42 respectively. Full results are online here.

Race photos to follow shortly ...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Upcoming events - autumn/winter 2008

Next Oxford Mail Cross Country League event is at Culham on Sunday 7th December.

OUPAAC Running Club Christmas meal will be held at Jordan Hill on Tuesday 9th December. More details nearer to the date.

If you are interested in running with OUPAAC please contact Liz at oupaac AT yahoo D0T co D0T uk

Monday, November 05, 2007

Dublin marathon - October 29th 2007

Liz took part in the Dublin marathon on 29th October 2007, completing the course in a time of 04:13:58. "I'd recommend this race to anyone, the course is quite tough but Dublin is a lovely city and you get a great medal and t-shirt afterwards".

Impossible is nothing

running guy

I hope Ciaran made it!


Oxford Mail XC League - Round 1 Ascott-u-Wychwood

6 OUP runners made it to a rather foggy Ascott-u_Wychwoodon on Sunday for Round 1 of the Oxford Mail XC League. Liz Thompson, Sian Thomas and Amanda Newhouse ran in the women's race and Grahm Norton, Ian Heptonstall and Stewart Glenister ran in the men's race.


100 Liz Thompson Oup S 25.38
135 Sian Thomas Oup S 28.23
143 Amanda Newhouse Oup V1 29.19

The women's team is currently in 34th place in Division 2.

214 Ian Heptonstall Oup V1 44.09
250 Stewart Glenister Oup V1 53.27
251 Graham Norton Oup V2 53.29

The men's team is currently in 22nd place in Division 3.

Full results can be found here.

Liz on lap 1

Sian and Amanda on lap 1

Amanda, Sian and Liz post-race

Graham and Stewart at the water jump

Grahm and Stewart final lap

Richard at the water jump

Richard at the water jump

Graham and Stewart at the water jump

Graham and Stewart at the hill

Ian at the hill

Graham and Stewart at the hill

Round 2 takes place at Culham Park on Sunday 2nd December.